September 2014

Anon – very welcoming

The Lighthouse Project is very welcoming, with friendly faces who help you in any way that they can. There is no other place like it in the near area of Middleton. Volunteers and workers alike should be very proud of what they do inspiring and helping people through everyday life. Visitor – Sept 2014

Chloe – Lighthouse made me feel very confortable

While being at the Lighthouse Project I have felt very comfortable. The staff are very encouraging and supportive. I have been helped by various different people on numerous times, and they haven’t once moaned. The job they do is good. Well done. Chloe J – Sept 2014

Garry – utmost admiration for the staff

I have used the Lighthouse Project on several occasions, both for computing and to get information. I have also used the foodbank that is based there. I have the utmost admiration and respect for all the staff. GD – Sept 2014