My time at here has been invaluable – Liz H

When I first started volunteering at The Lighthouse Project, I had been out of work for 5 years. I felt I wanted to get back into work but was nervous and lacking in confidence. I thought that volunteering was a good way of developing my skills, getting experience of the working environment and giving me the confidence I needed to return to work.

During my time as a volunteer I have enhanced my own skills by guiding people with computer skills such as job hunting, writing CVs and email skills. I have also worked on reception which has been an important experience as this is the type of work I have been looking for. I have felt very much part of a team, working alongside the other members of staff.

My time at The Lighthouse Project has been invaluable, my self-esteem has greatly increased and I have enjoyed meeting a wide variety of new people. Whilst giving something back to the community, I have taken the first steps to returning to paid employment and, following a successful job interview, I am looking forward to starting my new receptionist job at a Children’s Centre.

I will be very sorry to leave The Lighthouse Project as it is a very warm, welcoming and supportive place. I cannot thank the staff and team there enough for the help, support and confidence I have been given. Liz H – Nov 2015

My time at here has been invaluable - Liz H