Lighthouse a true beacon

Having read the recent articles in the Middleton Guardian, and being curious about the hopeful relocation of the Lighthouse Project from Warwick Mill, I paid a visit last week and was shown around by Centre manager Pam Semp, a great guide.

Lighthouse Project Music Matters - Steve and RichardI was astounded by what was going on in large well-organised space with various rooms off, such as the music room and the painting group rooms.

There’s are several banks of computers for people to use in job searches and other things, tables and chairs for arts and crafts and other interests, a small café and kitchen for training of how to cook.

Lighthouse Project Spin a Yarn - Mel demonstrating screen printing skills - smallThis is the main part of this charitable project, to give people a practical and artistic opportunity to further their lives. The local council should be thrilled, all organised by private and philanthropic effort, and seemingly, to me on the day, done so efficiently.

There are other aspects dealt with in the space as well, such as the wheelchair loan organisation Middleton Dial, and there are helpful noticeboards and pamphlets giving useful information.

A suitable relocation must be found, this initiative must continue… It is a marvelous social facility.

Michael D White
Letters Page extract, Middleton Guardian 25th Feb 2016

Lighthouse a true beacon