Amie – Lighthouse Project a great place to work

I have been a volunteer at the Lighthouse Project for two weeks on a college placement and I have loved every minute of it, the Lighthouse Project offers so much to people who need their help.

The courses they offer such as Online Basics and the Back to Work Essentials course are so helpful and are really important for people’s lives.

They are always willing to help and will never turn you away, they are all like a big happy family!

During my time here I have noticed how much people benefit from the Lighthouse Project, people are always coming in and out and when they are here they know that they are in a loving and helping environment.

The Lighthouse Project is one of the best places I have had the pleasure to work in the staff/volunteers are always on hand and they will always be there when you need them, not only are the people blessed enough by having the Lighthouse Project just round the corner, but they are also blessed to have the staff/volunteers that work there.

Amie H – Sept 2013

Amie - Lighthouse Project a great place to work