Personal Support

We currently need help to raise £6,500 per month to cover our project costs for the coming year.

Living and giving churchill-quoteSo far our work has been funded by applying for short term grants; and these have been awarded for a variety of reasons, to deliver a service or activity, to provide a facility such as the disabled ramp, or to help cover our core costs.

These grants have helped us get to where we are, and for this we are grateful. However this type of funding is not very stable or predictable and because we want to build our work on firm and secure foundations we have started a Partnership Scheme called the ‘Inspire Vision Fund’ and the purpose this is to gather around us a body of supporters who believe in the vision of our work and want to help us continue making a difference in the lives of people in Middleton.

Our work is people focussed so we want our financial support to be people focussedpeople helping people… which is the essence of community.

Money jars 2Our current level of confirmed funding is getting quite low and our reserves will only cover us for the next few months. We obviously want our great work to continue which is why we are launching the Inspire Vision Fund and encouraging new partners to join up and support us with regular donations.

Can you help us with a donation today by becoming an ‘Inspired Partner’ ? Its easy to do just click through the CAF Donate section below and we’ll get you signed up today.

Use CAF Donate to set up regular direct debits or make single donations securely

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If you want to give in another way you can still do this by getting in touch directly or making use of the form below.

Standing Order & Gift Aid form: Inspire Middleton standing order and gift aid form v5 – 2015