How we are funded

Maths SkillsInspire Middleton is responsible for raising its own funds to undertake its work and fulfill its charitable objectives. We are funded through a variety of means;  applying for grants towards the work that we do, individual gifts and donations from supporters, room hire and general fundraising.

The Lighthouse Project and Middleton Central Foodbank are part of our core work and funding targets, they are not local authority supported.

100000 visits picture Feb 2015 Lighthouse - smlA lot of our work is undertaken by volunteers who give of their time and experience free of charge, and it is primarily because of this we have been able to achieve so much since we first opened. The Lighthouse Project has seen 100,000 visits through the doors since June 2010 up to January 2015.

We are open to new opportunities to raise funds, and for grants to support our work helping local people.

For information on our current and past funding grant funding click the sections below. If you are interested in supporting our work personally you can find more information and a donation facility on the Personal Support page.

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