Lighthouse volunteer Mike Lloyd makes The Times

Mike Lloyd is one of our long standing volunteers who has been working with us even before our centre was opened in the Warwick Mill, in fact he helped quite a bit when we were converting the premises from a derelict warehouse to a friendly community drop-in centre.

When opened Mike was one of the first volunteers to take up the opportunity of learning how to use computers and the internet through the free myguide basic computer courses. Once he has got going we prepares a brief case study that shared his experiences and delight at now being able to make use of the internet.

We received a phone call the other day to let us know that the Times newspaper had picked up Michael’s story and that they wanted to use it in a feature story. We were pleased to help and this weekend saw the article published. Here it is…

“Until recently Michael Lloyd, 72, didn’t dare to venture near a computer. However after he took a free training course a few months ago he has been online to find cheaper insurance.

The former engineer from Middleton, Manchester, sought help from the Lighthouse Project near where he lives. Services provided by this centre include helping people to learn how to use the internet.

Mr Lloyd has ambitions to look at other ways of saving money online and will try renewing his car tax online. ‘I was thrown in at the deep end, but i was mazed at how quickly I could do things and the information at my fingertips. I had a look at car insurance quotes online, but I still like talking to people so I called my insurance company and told them what I have found. They knocked 15% off the cost of my premium.”

If like Michael you want to get more out of life online then why not drop in at the Lighthouse, we are open Monday to Friday between 10 am and 4 pm and you can call in any time to suit yourself, and we are keen to help you enter the world of computers and the internet an begin getting more out of life. Here at the Ligthouse Project we believe that all things are possible, why not give it a go?