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“The Lighthouse Project is a big help to a lot of people. They have helped me with my CV on a numerous times, and also recently Carl was a great help to my husband when he was preparing a presentation for work.

There are a lot of people who would be lost without this place.”

Thanks everyone – Nicola D Sept 2016

I'd be lost without this place

“Having had an emergency operation on my right knee, I could not work. Aftercare was involved and I was taking co-codamol painkillers which were failing me for interviews for fork lifts, so my licences lapsed.

Consequently I had to go on JSA and I was sent to Mantra training to renew my licences, meanwhile I needed lots of help with computers, and Dave and Carole were brilliant with giving me all the help I needed.

I also got encouragement from all the other members of staff and the volunteers helping me to quit the booze and ciggy’s which gave me the confidence to get back into work – and now I have a job at Sarsons in Middleton.”

Thanks Michael S – Sept 2016

Lighthouse gave me all the help I needed

I would like to thank the hard working staff at the Lighthouse Project for their help and unstinting support in assisting me to achieve my goal of gaining full-time employment.

Special big Thanks.
Lisa – March 2016

Lighthouse helped me achieve my goal

I would just like to say that the Lighthouse Project is very helpful in meeting everybody’s needs, whatever they may be.

It’s volunteers have helped me immensely in every thing i have needed regarding, job searching, learning new computer skills, and courses in order for me to find employment, and now I have just got a job which is amazing.

Also they are a reassuring listening ear whenever it is needed. I would just like to say a Big Thank You TO all CONCERNED.

Ronnie L – March 2016

Helping everybody's needs - Ronnie

I want to say a BIG thanks to everyone at the Lighthouse Project. I had a great time there whilst looking for a new job. The staff were very helpful and there were great facilities to help me as I don’t have a computer at home.

I now have managed to get a job and want to that the team for their help.

Adrian G – March 2016

A Great time of help

Having read the recent articles in the Middleton Guardian, and being curious about the hopeful relocation of the Lighthouse Project from Warwick Mill, I paid a visit last week and was shown around by Centre manager Pam Semp, a great guide.

Lighthouse Project Music Matters - Steve and RichardI was astounded by what was going on in large well-organised space with various rooms off, such as the music room and the painting group rooms.

There’s are several banks of computers for people to use in job searches and other things, tables and chairs for arts and crafts and other interests, a small café and kitchen for training of how to cook.

Lighthouse Project Spin a Yarn - Mel demonstrating screen printing skills - smallThis is the main part of this charitable project, to give people a practical and artistic opportunity to further their lives. The local council should be thrilled, all organised by private and philanthropic effort, and seemingly, to me on the day, done so efficiently.

There are other aspects dealt with in the space as well, such as the wheelchair loan organisation Middleton Dial, and there are helpful noticeboards and pamphlets giving useful information.

A suitable relocation must be found, this initiative must continue… It is a marvelous social facility.

Michael D White
Letters Page extract, Middleton Guardian 25th Feb 2016

Lighthouse a true beacon

When I first started volunteering at The Lighthouse Project, I had been out of work for 5 years. I felt I wanted to get back into work but was nervous and lacking in confidence. I thought that volunteering was a good way of developing my skills, getting experience of the working environment and giving me the confidence I needed to return to work.

During my time as a volunteer I have enhanced my own skills by guiding people with computer skills such as job hunting, writing CVs and email skills. I have also worked on reception which has been an important experience as this is the type of work I have been looking for. I have felt very much part of a team, working alongside the other members of staff.

My time at The Lighthouse Project has been invaluable, my self-esteem has greatly increased and I have enjoyed meeting a wide variety of new people. Whilst giving something back to the community, I have taken the first steps to returning to paid employment and, following a successful job interview, I am looking forward to starting my new receptionist job at a Children’s Centre.

I will be very sorry to leave The Lighthouse Project as it is a very warm, welcoming and supportive place. I cannot thank the staff and team there enough for the help, support and confidence I have been given. Liz H – Nov 2015

My time at here has been invaluable - Liz H

I have been using the Lighthouse Project for several years now Over this period of time it has proved to be a very good place to come. I use the internet and other IT facilities, and to study, which has helped me pass exams.

I now have only 12 months of study left to qualify as a Solicitor, and the Lighthouse Project has helped me to achieve this.

Thank you – Rajiv S Sept 2016

A great place for study - Rajiv

The Lighthouse is a wonderful place I can’t believe how friendly the staff are, very helpful and supportive, and willing to listen and give you the time needed to explain things. Lots of encouragement giving me confidence that is much needed. Thank you – Phil D July 2015

A wonderful place - Philomena

I have always used the facilities at the Lighthouse Project and found them absolutely brilliant staff. Once again they have helped me find employment after a long spell of injury. I will still continue to come to the Lighthouse Project to seek help and information on a regular basis.

Well done all the staff and volunteers, I start work again on Monday – Cheers!

Mike S – Aug 2015

Absolutely brilliant - Mike


Firstly I would like to thank everyone at the Lighthouse Project for their tremendous support and advice and tutoring from Carl, to Carole and Pam, and Suzanne and David, Rebecca and Chris. After being out of work since May 2013 I have finally got a job, albeit via and Agency, and I started on Tuesday as a driver. Thanks again to everyone – Malc Sept 2013
Malcolm - thanks to everyone