Preparing for Poppy Appeal 2023

Local volunteers, Janet and Chris, are getting ready for the launch of this years 2023 Poppy Appeal starting 26th October 2023.

We support the local Royal British Legion by giving them some use of storage space within the Lighthouse Project where they can store their stock of Poppy Appeal related materials, and prepare the donation packs for distribution right across the community in the run-up to the annual November remembrance celebrations.

There is a lot of unseen preparation work that goes on, and Janet and Chris, along with other faithful RBL volunteers help get the packs ready a good few months before launch date. That date is nearly upon us, so when you see the Poppy Appeal displays around and about, please donate to the cause.

This year the RBL is launching a new plastic free poppy, and if you want to find out more this, and the wider work of the Royal British Legion, then visit their website here.

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