200 weeks supporting families

200 weeks of providing family food support

The Lighthouse Pantry has been supporting individuals and families since December 2018 when it first opened with just a handful of members.

Now we’ve been celebrating the milestone of 200 weeks of support we have offered local people.

The Pantry helps families make a real difference to their household costs.

So what is a Pantry all about and why is that important? Our Pantry is a membership based food club where members pay a small weekly membership fee of £3.50 which allows them to visit the Pantry once a week.

As part of their visit they can choose a selection if items, of different type and value, to suit their needs. This can include meats, dairy products, chilled and frozen items, cereal, fresh vegetables, and other ambient food cupboard items.

People have been struggling for many years, so this isn’t new, but the number of families needing help and wanting to join the pantry is increasing week on week. This has become so important, and such an essential means of help for so many families struggling with the cost-of-living crisis. In this our 200th week we have broken our all time record for the number of families reached in one week, topping 100 visits.

In our 200th week we have supported 100 families breaking all our past records.

The idea behind the Pantry is to help people to reduce their weekly food costs which then allows some of that money to be spent on other household bills, such as rent and utility costs. Currently members are receiving around £30+ retail value of food in their food parcels.

Pantry’s make use of supermarket surplus which we buy in to stock the shelves, so some of those items may be short dated, and we never know from week to week what we will get, however, what people take definitely has a positive impact and saves them money.

One person recently commented that since using the Pantry they have ‘been able to give their children proper cereal, which has made them so happy’, and another said ‘the money I saved at the Pantry allowed me to buy some shoes for my grandchild’.

In the year July 2021 to end of June 2022

We supported 3693 member visits during the year to June 22

We supported over 700 people from 300 different families

We supplied over 20 tonnes of food, equivalent to 47,200 meals

We saved families up to £1,250 on their annual food costs

Pantry’s make such a difference

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