Counting the cows

Can you imagine a herd of 46 fully grown dairy cows, if you are not sure there are just 29 in the picture below to help you visualise how many that might be, and also to give you a sense of the 45.5 tonnes of food that Middleton Central Foodbank received in donations up to the end of June 2020 by generous individuals and organisations. Of this a whopping 22.3 tonnes was donated during the first part of the national Covid-19 lockdown, which is not too far from a typical year’s worth of donations.

For this we want to say a massive heart felt THANK YOU to everyone who has donated either food or finances, so that we can stand with and support families in our community.

Last year (July 19 – Jun 20) we provided 4,625+ people with three-day emergency food supplies from over 575 different families, which includes over 1690 children. This was a 32% rise in people needing help above the same period the year before (2018-19).

When you break it down this amounts to 87,120 plates of food given away in support of families experiencing food poverty or crisis. With 30,240 of these being given away during the early part of lockdown (Apr-June).

Words cannot express the gratefulness of our hearts for the support that has been given to us, and we know that the food parcels given to families and individuals make a real difference to them in their times of need.

Even this week we have seen a spike in donations, with 1680 kg of food being donated in just 4 days, often from people who themselves have had times of struggle in the past, but who wanted to help someone else in the present.

Thank You!