Keeping safe in the Lighthouse Pantry

We’re just about to see the changes the government has introduced with regards to wearing face coverings whilst out shopping and in enclosed public spaces.

The volunteer team at the Lighthouse Project are getting ready for the change, and got into the spirit with a united show of ‘bandanna’ style face coverings.

“It looked like a scene from the great wild west movies, and plenty of ‘YeHa’s could be heard whilst things were being set up; we love a joyful team.” said Carl Roach, Pantry Manager.

“Thankfully no-one had brought their horse into work today, and just to let you know behind the masks we are still smiling, which hopefully you can see from the glint in our eyes.”

The Lighthouse Pantry has been supporting local families for just over 21 months, and during that time the membership has grown steadily, since April we managed to secure additional weekly food donations so we were able to open for another day in the week (Tuesday’s) and nearly double the number of families we could support.

During this time, since April, we have recorded 640 visits, with 91 different families attending the 40+ Pantry sessions we have run.

The Pantry is a well regarded source of support, saving members an estimated £1400 per year on food costs, and the whole project has a great extended family feel for those who use it on a weekly basis.

For more information visit the Pantry page on the Lighthouse Project website