Foodbank demand reaches all-time high

Demand for our foodbank reached an all-time high today, and it was a significant increase on the levels of support we typically provide at this time of year, twice last weeks attendance. We were concerned at one point that we were seeing a ‘run’ on the foodbank along similar lines to what we have all witnessed in our local supermarkets.

We appreciate that people are concerned about feeding their families and in changing times this can feel a lot more magnified.

We are here to serve the community as best we can, but with limited stocks and a reduced workforce (due to most of our volunteers being in the ‘at risk’ group) this could prove challenging is demand remains as high is it is.

Our foodbank works on a referral system where local community groups hold our vouchers so that they can support people that they connect with, or are already working with. We will be posting a list of local referrers on the foodbank website to help guide people to these first ports-of-call.

In addition we are looking to find out where there may be other types of additional support, particularly for those affected by the recent school closures, or changes in their employment.

We’d love to be able to help everyone who gets in touch with us but in reality this is not always possible on our own so we will be looking to link in with other groups as well, and hopefully together we will be able to stand with those most in need.

If you are able to stand with us at this time this would be appreciated, even small regular donations of food make a difference.

Kind regards