The three marathons in three countries fundraiser

We want to give a big thanks to Chris Furlong, former Middleton Councillor, who earlier this year took part in three marathons, in three countries, to raise much needed funds for three charities close to his heart.

Through Chris’s sterling efforts, and his generous donors and supporters, he managed to raise a total of £2,147 which will be split evenly between Middleton Central Foodbank, Heywood foodbank, and the Greater Manchester Mayors Homelessness fund, with each receiving a donation of £715.

The cheques were presented to each of the charities at Rochdale Soup Kitchen where Chris is volunteering some of his time and skills.

Well done Chris, and thank you for your efforts and support!

Here is some background from Chris’s JustGiving Page where he has also left some messages of personal thanks and encouragement to people who supported him.

In 2018 I will be getting on my training shoes on behalf of the Middleton and Heywood Foodbanks and Andy Burnhams Mayors Homelessness Fund, with moneys to be collected by The Lighthouse Project and then shared equally.

In 2017 I managed to complete the Bolton and Manchester 10k’s and the Southport half Marathon. In 2018 I will be going quite a few steps further between March and May with the Wrexham Half Marathon, The Manchester Full Marathon and the Edinburgh Half Marathon. Three Marathons, in three countries in three months. That means I will be running a total of 84,390 metres during the races and many thousands more during training. That is more metres for your money. 

I will be following a special space age scientifically formulated couch to marathon training plan which entails meandering aimlessly for miles around Middleton and Heywood or around Kingsway in Rochdale until I can actually run no more. This will also be supplemented with a tri-weekly Olympic style rigorous aquatic regime of keep on swimming until my arms and legs give up. If you are in your car and you see me running about, beep your horn, or at very least don’t run me over, as I will be pushing the boundaries of how slow a person can actually run. This professionally endorsed athletics formula and the fact that I won’t be able to have a kebab for six months will push me harder than ever before. As usual my sustained efforts of physical masterclass will be reported back to my Facebook page.

On a more serious note, the three brilliant local charities work hard for those that have fallen on hard times and help those that need support the most. Please give if you can to these three worthy causes.