Where Next – our search for a permanent base continues

Where will the next home of the Lighthouse Project be?

Having just got settled into our temporary location here at the Cromer Mill on Hilton Fold Lane we are facing the prospect of having to ‘up sticks’ and look for new premises, as yet again we find our building owners plan to redevelop the site we occupy.

Who let the dad's out group - Lighthouse ProjectWhen we came to the Cromer we knew that it may only be for a limited time but in the circumstances it was a much better option than having to close down or drastically reduce our activities in a smaller property. So for these reasons we decided to make the move from the Warwick Mill onto Boarshaw.

dsc_0013Being here has helped us expand what we do with new activities such as the ‘Best Foot Forwards’ weekly walking group and the ‘pop-up’ sports area in the large warehouse; and it has helped us realise that there is much more that we could do for the community given the right space and time.

I guess when we came we hoped that we might be able to encourage the owners to review how long we might be able to stay, but at the moment the indications are that they want to reconfigure the site which involves demolishing a good chunk of the space we are occupying.

We currently have a licence that will take us up to the middle of November, beyond that is uncertain, however we have been in this situation before and you can be assured of our determination to find a workable solution.

Lighthouse Project - job hunting and computer loungeWe have spent over 6 years building up this great community resource and we are keen not to let this stop. “There are many needs that the community faces and we have always been keen to expand what we offer,” says Carl, “especially as frontline services continue to be cut by the Council and other organisations which reduce the options and range of support that people have access to.

Even this week the Council have said that ‘No service is safe from being axed’ as they face the challenge of finding £40m of savings.”
Cllr Richard Farnell – Middleton Guardian 15 Sept 2016

From our previous searches we know that there are not many suitable buildings currently available in the town centre, which is why we are in Boarshaw, so this time we may have to widen our search even further in order to find the right place. If you come across any, ideally at least 10,000 sqft in size, then please get in touch.

The saddest thing about this is that everyone who has come to the new place has said how great the facilities are and how peaceful a space it is, what a shame that this all could go to waste for the sake of a warehouse service yard.

We’d encourage you to support our cause and to write to the local paper, your local MP Liz McInnes, and ward counsellors to tell them why you like the Lighthouse Project and how important it is for us to find a place to settle down so we can continue to… ‘Inspire Middleton’.