We’ve been asked to move out

Inspire Middleton - Please let us stay - 17 Aug 2015The new owners of the Warwick Mill have asked us to move out and find a new home. The news came last month as the landlord served Inspire Middleton with a notice to quit and vacate the building before February next year.

The news wasn’t a shock as we were aware that the building may be redeveloped at some point, and this is a welcome prospect, however we anticipated that this may be some time in the future as no planning applications have yet been made for any alteration or redevelopment works.

The message to our supporters and visitors at this time in one of reassurance – We are only moving, we are NOT CLOSING!

We have asked the new owners if we could stay in the building and be a part of their proposed plans however we have been told that this is not possible as “there is no space to accommodate us” which seems difficult to accept given that the whole building is over 180,000 sq.ft and we only occupy about 5% of that.

We have already been looking around the town centre to see if we can find a suitable building to move into but given the amount of space we need this is proving tricky. We currently use 10,200 sqft and probably need at least 7,000 sqft to avoid loosing any of our services and partner organisations. The Lighthouse Project also provides a home to Middleton Central Foodbank and Middleton Dial, and we want to take everyone with us so we can continue to work together supporting local people.

The Warwick Mill is such a good location for us, for many reasons, and it is likely that any new premises will cost us more than we currently spend so in light of this we are setting up a ‘new building fund’ to help us fundraise to meet these costs.

If you’d like to help us with this in terms of giving a donation of fundraising on our behalf then click this link to find out how.