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Inspire Middleton - sign our petition Aug 2015Many people have asked us this week “How are we getting on with your search for a new home?”, and the answer is we are still looking and are exploring a couple of potential options.

In response to the press release we circulated about our situation local Township Councillor Chris Furlong came to visit as he was keen to find out about our situation, the things that we do and how we are getting along with our relocation.

He was greatly encouraged by what he saw and after a tour of the Lighthouse he understood the scale of challenge we face in finding somewhere big enough and suitable enough to move into, and the need for our work to be supported to do so.

Sign our petitionIt was suggested that we start a petition to rally support for our cause and our situation, so we have done this, currently as an online form, but hard copies will be circulated too. If you want to show your support for Inspire Middleton, the Lighthouse Project, Middleton Central Foodbank, and Middleton Dial then please follow this link and sign our ipetition.

It’s free and takes just a few seconds of your time, once you’ve signed up please can you also share the link widely with your friends, networks and other organisations.
Thanks! Carl