There is more to a foodbank than just food

News from the network – There is more to a foodbank than just food.

‘There is more than just a food parcel being given here, it’s the compassion and understanding. Someone fighting your corner.’

These are the words of a Salisbury mum who gave powerful evidence on facing hunger to the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on their visit to Salisbury Foodbank last week.

She said ‘I’d stare at my son asleep and feel a failure, although redundancy wasn’t my fault, I felt responsible’. She described how she’d enjoyed unpacking her foodbank parcel into the cupboard because it helped her to feel less embarrassed about not being able to provide.

Members of the APPG including John Glen, MP for Salisbury, and Frank Field MP, listened to evidence on food poverty from local people and charities as part of their Inquiry into food poverty. The Inquiry will continue in Truro on 20th June and South Shields on 4th July and their recommendations will be published later in the year.