Walking and talking – its simple really!

When people first hear that we run a walking group from the Lighthouse Project that initial interest can quickly be followed by thoughts of …’Oh, I’m not sure I’m a good walker’, or ‘I’m not sure I could do that’, but… our walking group is different. Why? Because we work hard to make it really simple and accessible to as many people as possible.

Well we seem to have done the trick and the Best Foot Forward group is just growing and growing in popularity, who would have thought that simply walking and talking could be so attractive, but it is.

Recently the group walked around the Middleton Heritage trail and enjoyed a tour of St.Leonard’s church whilst learning a lot more about our local history and heritage, and last week they ventured a little further (aided by a short bus ride) with a walk up Tandle Hill. As you can see from the picture they all had a great time and found the ongoing conversation and friendship building a great benefit.

If you fancy joining a group that is happy to amble along, to walk and to talk, then why not give us a go. Just call into the Lighthouse to find out more, or come along from 11:30 on a Friday to sign up and get ready to go. The walks are free, and generally just about an hour – hour and a half,

with time for sandwiches afterwards back at the Lighthouse.

All was say it just put your best foot forwards and you’ll be surprised what you can achieve.