5 Ways to wellbeing course

Do you want to improve your wellbeing, well why not try a 5 ways to wellbeing course.

Monday 16th & 23rd September 2013 – 1pm to 4pm.

Capture - 5 ways to wellbeing logoResearch has show that there are five simple and progressive steps that you can take to improve your sense of wellbeing. Connect, Be active, Take notice, Keep learning and Give. This course shows you how these techniques can easily be incorporated into your everyday routine to improve your wellbeing.

To book a place, contact Pam, Carl of one of our volunteers and we will sign you up.

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1. Connect – with people around you, with family, friends, colleagues, and neighbours, etc. Thinking of these as the cornerstones of your life and invest time in them. Building each connection supports and enriches you each day.

2. Be active – go for a walk, a run, or a swim. Step outside, cycle, play a game, dance, garden,etc. Exercise makes you feel good. Discover a physical activity that you enjoy and which suits your level of mobility.

3. Take Notice – Be curious, catch sight of the beauty and changing seasons, remark on the unusual, savour the moment, etc. Be aware of the world around you and what you are feeling, reflecting on your experiences will help you appreciate what matters to you.

4. Keep Learning – Try something new, rediscover an old interest, sign up to something you’ve never done before, take on a different responsibility etc. Set a challenge that you will enjoy achieving, learning makes you more confident.

5. Give – Do something nice and unexpected for a friend or stranger, thank someone, smile, volunteer your time. Seeing yourself linked to the wider community can be very rewarding and it creates connections with the people around you.

This course is run by Ryan Cowan of Rochdale Boroughwide User Forum over two session and is free to attend. For specific details about the course you can contact Ryan on 01706 340563 or via 5w2wcourse@asinsightot.co.uk