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Our work is people focused …so we want our financial support to be people focused, people helping people… which is the essence of community.

By giving to our work you will be helping us to help people in need, to inspire and encourage them, and to make a lasting change in our community.

These are some of the achievements that

donations support


to the Lighthouse Project from people seeking help, getting support, developing their skills, meeting people, or joining a social group
 (Jun 21 – Jul 2022)


fed by Middleton Central Foodbank. 37.5 tonnes of emergency food given in crisis support last year
(Jul 21 -Jun 22)

3000 +
Pantry visits

Our Pantry members saving up to £1,294 p.a. on their annual food costs, keeping more money in the house for other bills and expenses
(Jul 21 -Jun 22)

1000 +
People helped

and supported to tackle personal debt, with £772,000+ being written off, relieved, or managed, through Lighthouse Money Advice support
(Jul 21 -Jun 22)

Why are we looking for support

The bulk of our work is funded by applying for short term grants to undertake specific tasks or activities; these types of grant can be for 12 months or up to three years, and they are awarded for a variety of reasons, to deliver a service or activity, to provide a facility such as computers to access the internet, or to help cover our core costs. We are constantly having to apply for funds from one source or another.

These types of grants have helped us get to where we are, and for this we are grateful. However this type of funding is not very stable or predictable and because we want to build our work on firm and secure foundations we are looking to gather around us a body of supporters who believe in the vision of our work and want to stand with us as we continue making a difference in the lives of people in Middleton.

The best way to achieve this is through people signing up to make regular monthly donations to our work so that in time we can reduce our reliance on grants. If you are able to help in this way you can do this by setting up a regular donation to the Charity or one of our projects that you want to support.

The benefits of giving to our work

  • Be a part of positive change in our community

    Too many people sit on the sidelines offering their latest criticism of how things will never change. Our passion is to change negative attitudes & turn them into positive action to bring about the change.

  • Knowing that your support is making a difference in peoples lives

    Time and time again visitors comment to us about how much our help and support has made a difference in their lives and circumstances. We see it as a bit of neighbourly help and support, but they see it as life changing. Your donations helps us to keep helping people, changing our community one person at a time.

  • Partnering with someone that is already successful and making an impact

    We started our work from scratch in 2008, bouncing around ideas of how we could make a difference in the town, and how we could help, support and inspire people. We have faced many challenges since then, and still do, but we are now established and are looking to build a firm and longstanding foundation of support that will sustain the work well into our future. For the benefit of others whom we have yet to meet.

Types of Giving

Regular Monthly Giving

Regular monthly giving is really valuable as it gives us a good base of support and helps us to plan ahead as we know in advance that we will have a certain amount of funds to use.

Amounts ranging from £10 - £50 are typically given each month to suit your circumstances.

This can be done via standing order through your bank, or online via our JustGiving pages, and if you Gift Aid your donation we can claim an additional 25% back from the government.

One-off Gifts

We are also happy to accept one-off gifts donated for a specific reason, such as in remembrance of someone, or instead of birthday presents, or just in support of our regular work and activities.

These can be for any amount you choose.

If you are willing to sign and return a Gift Aid declaration form we can claim an additional 25% on top of your gift.

Fundraising Activity

You can be a community fundraiser helping to raise money for us by arranging your own fun, activities, or interesting challenge events such as fun runs, marathons, cycle rides, swimming, etc.) and getting people to give to sponsoring you to do them.
You can set up your own JustGiving page which can be linked to our Charity site so the funds you raise come direct to us safe and sound, and you don't have to handle the money.

You can post regular updates and photographs of progress, and people can interact with what you are doing.

Legacy Giving

This is where you decide to leave some money to us in your will to help us continue supporting our community & blessing others.

To do this you will need state how much you wish to give, and include our full name, registered address and charity number as below: Inspire Middleton Address: 18 Aylesbury Grove, Middleton, Manchester, M24 2TG Registered charity number: 1126093 (England and Wales)
In drafting, or amending your will we recommend you seek professional advice to do it correctly.

Ways you can give

Online Via JustGiving

Just click the link below to go to our JustGiving page where you can donate to Inspire Middleton, or one of our other Campaigns. You will need to register with JustGiving to use this option, but this is easy to do.

Standing Order

This is done via your bank. You may be able to do this via your online banking, if not, download our Standing Order form, fill it in and send it back to us, and we will send it onto your bank who will set up the payments.
You remain in control of this and can change it at any time.


Cheques should be made payable to 'Inspire Middleton'.
If you are supporting one of our projects, then use the project name, e.g. 'Lighthouse Project Middleton', 'Middleton Central Foodbank', etc. Please ask if you are not sure.
Cheques can be sent to our registered address, or to the Lighthouse Project address.

Bank Transfer BACS

To donate directly by BACS transfer use the following details: Inspire Middleton,
sort code: 20-64-12,
acc no: 23914216 and add your name as the reference.

Cash Donation

Cash can be donated/received directly at the Lighthouse Project.
If we ask for your details it is only so we can acknowledge the donation and keep in touch, not so we can chase you for marketing purposes.