Who let the dads out national conferance at the Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Projects ‘Who let the dads out’ group recently played host to the national WLTDO conference organised by the BRF which attracted over 80 visitors and delegates from existing and potential WLTDO groups from all around the country.

The aim of Who let the dads out is to support men in their relationship with their young children whether they are still in a family or separated. It can be challenging for dads to get help in other ways because there are fewer support options for them. Wltdo helps strengthens families by developing stronger bonds between dads and their children.

The conference is run to offer support to existing who let the dads out groups, and to offer encouragement and guidance to other groups who are thinking about starting up. This year there was a mixture of presentations, team building activities, thought provoking discussions and a light hearted panel session






The Lighthouse wltdo group has been running since June 2011 and regularly supports over 20 dads and children in monthly play and creative activity. The dates of the next 2 sessions are Saturday 3rd November and 1st December 2012 between 10am – 12 noon.