Pam helping map financial inclusion

toolkit_200Pam was in London recently as part of a select team of people from ukonline centres, the Tinder Foundation, and Lloyds Bank. The group were gathered to work on developing three new modules for the Learn My way portfolio of computer course that are delivered through the national ukonline centres network.

The new courses will be aimed at

  • Financial Inclusion

  • Internet Safety, and

  • Online Banking

Pam, along with others who are regularly working with learners, was able to let the development team know the type of things that learners might struggle with and what sort of things they needed to learn to enable them to safely and confidently use computers and other smart devices to carry out internet banking and other financial transactions.

The courses will be aimed at ensuring our learners have access to a variety of online banking services and realise the many benefits of being able to access their finances in this way.

We will let you know how things develop and when the courses will be available for you to use.