Brush up on your maths & english skills

Small Business survey encourages a new focus on English, Maths and ICT skills
Nearly 82% of small businesses in the UK have said they do not think job seekers have adequate Maths and English skills, according to a survey.


You can start to brush up on your Maths and English skills by taking a free assessment test through our LearnMyWay course, this will help you to see what level of Maths and English you currently have, and help you to plan for any additional learning you might want to do.

Coupled with taking our Online Basics computer and internet skills course this can be a great way to demonstrates your ICT skills a new employer.

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) said there was a “disconnect” between what employers need and the basic skills of job seekers. More than 80 per cent of firms are now calling for an improvement in basic Maths and English skills amongst youngsters, with some even embarking on back-to-school style training themselves, according to the survey.

“Employers are warning that too many people are coming into their workforce with deficits in basic core and employability skills,” the survey states.

Don’t miss out on that dream job, take the time to brush up on your skills before someone else beats you to it.

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