How hard is is to change an attitude?

Living in Middleton all my life I have noticed that there is quite a mix of views and attitudes about the town, some good, but sadly many bad.

I’ve heard it said many times that things can’t or won’t change, but I don’t believe that this is true. Do you?

I have a positive view of the town and want to see things change for the better, and I’m looking for like minded people who have a similar view and want to get involved in making a difference for the people of Middleton.

I’ve already made a start in setting up Inspire Middleton a new local community development charity, and have opened a new community resource called theLighthouse Project, which provides a place where people can be encouraged and supported to develop and release their potential.

Its not as hard as you think to do new things if you have the passion and motivation to get things done, there are many great resource in the town, and one of them could be YOU!

So, if I wanted to change your view of Middleton and inspire you do do something positive how would I go about it?

How hard is it to turn negative attitudes into positive actions?