Short term Wheelchair hire – Middleton Dial

Dial wheelchairDo you need short term wheelchair hire?

Middleton Dial is a local disability charity based in the Lighthouse Project, Warwick Mill, Middleton. The charity specialises in providing wheelchairs and walking aids for short-term use. The services are both affordable and accessible.

Use a DIAL wheelchair

  • Whilst waiting for your official chair
  • In the event of sudden injuries
  • Whilst recovering from an operation
  • For day trips, weddings and holidays


Hire wheelchairs for up to 28 days at affordable rates. You can also buy walking aids from them.

DIAL also welcome donations of wheelchairs, walking and disability aids, etc.; all donations put to good use.

The service is open:
Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday between 11am – 1:30pm.

You can visit DIAL at the Lighthouse Project to call in and chat with someone,
or you can telephone on 0161 653 2729. Their website is

For Flyer click: Middleton Dial – poster