Credit Union weekly drop-in sessions

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Starting Monday 4th March we have a new weekly drop-in session booked with Manchester Credit Union – all welcome.

Mondays 9:30 am – 12:30 am.

The financial pressures that families and individuals find themselves under in today’s society is increasing day-upon-day, and with the proposed changes to the way that benefits are to be paid, Council tax changes and the new ‘bedroom’ tax, things look set to become more challenging.

In these hard times there are many organisations that want to take advantage of the vulnerable and needy, Credit Unions are there to provide safer alternatives to loan sharks and other high cost alternatives.

Credit Unions are non-profit financial co-operatives that we intended to help you take control of your money by helping you to save, and offering cost effective ways of borrowing.

Why not call in and find out more, it could make the world of difference.

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