Middleton Street Pastors

Middleton Street Pastors– during the period October 2008 to February 2009 we worked with local churches with a view to setting up a new Middleton based Street Pastors team to serve the local community.

As part of this we promoted the idea and raised awareness of the opportunity, and facilitated a connection and working relationship with Middleton Neighbourhood Police Inspector Gary Hall.

As a result of our efforts a group of 14 individuals from 6 local churches in Middleton started a programme of training in February 2009 in order to become registered Street Pastors.

By June 2009 a licence had been obtained from Ascension Trust to start a new team and Middleton Street Pastors was born, and the team of volunteers started to patrol on local estates within the town.

Inspire Middleton is not responsible for Middleton Street Pastors which now has its own constitution, structure and management committee, however we continue to offer support and encouragement to the work which is ongoing.