Hope Citadel Healthcare – Middleton Health Centre

Hope Citadel Healthcare– from our launch event in April 2008 promoting the vision of starting the Lighthouse Project a relationship was kindled with a local GP which then developed further into a relationship with Hope Citadel Healthcare a newly established Community Interest Company set up to develop whole person healthcare within the area.

We played a role alongside Hope Citadel that helped then to bid for a win the opportunity to set up and run a new GP led walk-in health centre within the town.This was achieved and the new health centre was opened in November 2009.

Inspire Middleton became a community partner of Hope Citadel with a view to developing new support services and project in Middleton to meet the whole-person health needs of disadvantaged and marginalised people within the Middleton area, some of which would be achieved through the establishment of our Lighthouse Project centre and joint working with local GP practices.

Inspire Middleton opened its Lighthouse Project drop-in community centre in June 2010 and this is now used and available to support  local people with a variety of health related needs, not a clinical practitioners but in other practical ways that can assist in peoples recovery of health and wellbeing.