Achievements – 2011

The Lighthouse Project

When we first opened the Lighthouse in June 2010 we had 10 visits in the first week and this steadily grew to over 1000 visits just in March 2011.

By June 2011 when the Lighthouse was 1 year old our Track record of achievements and successes included

  • Helping over 900 individual visitors.
  • Over 5200 visitor visits made to the centre during the first year.
  • Recruiting up to 30 volunteers who helped during the year on over 1500 occasions.
  • Supporting over 280 people to start our online basics courses and begin using the internet for the first time.
  • Helping over 300 people to set up an email address so that they could start to communicate digitally and make applications for jobs using email.
  • Over 30 people did an online numeracy assessment in the centre.
  • Over 100 people have completed our online job hunting courses.
  • Over 200 people have been helped to get a CV for use in job applications.
  • Favour and collaboration with other community groups and agencies.
  • People getting back into employment.
  • Provision of new community resources and spaces for hire and for activities

Visits and visitors to Lighthouse

  • By the end of 2011 we had recorded over 11,200 visits to the Lighthouse Project.

Volunteer achievements

We acknowledge the massive contribution that volunteers provide to our work, and without them we would not be able to do the amount of activities that we are currently providing, particularly on the level of income that we currently have.

  • We have around 30 volunteers on our books and are always looking to expand and develop this resource.
  • Last year the contribution of their time had an equivalent value of approximately £50,000.
  • For more information view our volunteering with us page.

Why Don’t You course

During the latter part of the year, October 2011 we started to run our very own motivation and employability course called ‘Why Don’t You..? The idea was partly inspired by an an old BBC Childrens programme called ‘why don’t you go and do something less boring instead…’ which ran in the summer holiday s to help young people do all kinds of creative activities rather than just sitting around being bored.

Our take on this idea is rather than being sat around and struggling to get back into work why don’t you… come along and get some help and training and then discover and release your hidden potential.

The course is aimed at supporting people in a variety of ways including

  • providing them with basic computer and employability skills,
  • guidance on how to search and apply for jobs using online tools and resources,
  • looking at way of tackling motivation, handling stress, building confidence, managing money,
  • using volunteering opportunities to develop experience and gain confidence.

The course provides 36 hours of face-to-face learning with additional 1-2-1’s as required. This is delivered three times and week over 4 weeks. The course was set up to run on a rolling basis so that people could join it at any point and avoid delaying in making a good start.

Click here to find our more details from our Lighthouse Project site.

Work club achievements

Middleton Work Club– In response to the Governments desire to encourage and support people back into work, a campaign called Get Britain Working, we started a work club in February 2011 called Middleton Work Club. This is based in our Lighthouse Project centre and runs on a daily basis.The work club has two strands to is, daily job hunting and general support and also targeted support through the Why Don’t You course.

Many of the visitors to the Lighthouse Project come to make use of our free internet access and to learn basic computer skills so that they can start using the internet to look for and apply for jobs.

We estimate that during the year over 7500 visits to the Lighthouse would have been job hunting related.

New groups and activities started / expanded

ŠBasic computer and IT training

  • Online Basics
  • Beyond Basic introduction to
    Word and Excel
  • Blogging and blog sites
  • General computer use
  • How to use and set up email
  • Online job hunting
  • Social networking

ŠEmployment support

  • CV preparation and reviews
  • Online Job Hunting and applications
  • Middleton Work club
  • Why Don’t You…? Mentoring course

Money management & budgeting skills courses – CAP money

Cook and taste cooking courses

ŠCraft activities

  • Card making
  • Leather craft
    •    Flower arranging

Children’s activities

  •   Who let the dads out – children and toddler group
  •   Playdays
  •   Card making classes

ŠModel club – Heywood Model Railway Group

Health and wellbeing groups / activities

  •  Alzheimer’s Dementia memory class
  •  Psychological Wellbeing drop-in sessions
  •  Psychological Wellbeing stress classes
  •  OCD Support Group
  •  Live your best life – mental health support group
  •  Women’s housing support – WHAG drop-in sessions
  •  Smoking cessation – Quit smoking
  •  Healthy Weights

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