July 2015

Carl receives Community development award

Carl Roach, our development manager and tutor, received his certificate this week having completed a Level 3 Award in Community development. The training was provided by the Tinder Foundation who run the ukonline centre network that the Lighthouse Project is part of, and it was run over a number of months at the start of […]

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Pam helping map financial inclusion

Pam was in London recently as part of a select team of people from ukonline centres, the Tinder Foundation, and Lloyds Bank. The group were gathered to work on developing three new modules for the Learn My way portfolio of computer course that are delivered through the national ukonline centres network. The new courses will

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Foodbank is making a difference

In the first year of running Middleton Central Foodbank on behalf of local churches we have received a total of 16.75 tonnes of food donations (about 20 mini-metro’s) from the general public and a variety of local organisations, groups and businesses. In the same period we have given out 12.7 tonnes of food in emergency

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Ged – I’ve started work

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Donald – Builds your confidence

There is a selection of good things in the courses to help people do things and to help build up confidence. The staff and volunteers are very helpful and support us with CVs, job advice and different courses. The textile ‘Spin a Yarn’ course has been a very productive session with helpful staff.To everybody who

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