Volunteering for Middleton Central Foodbank

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men-pushingOne of the objectives of Inspire Middleton and the Lighthouse Project is to inspire and encourage local people to participate and get involved in meeting the needs of the town.

One of the ways that we do this is through our own activities and projects where we support and encourage people to volunteer, and through partnership with other organisations and agencies.

In essence we are seeking to make use of the skills of local people through volunteering for the greater good.

bootsVolunteering is an essential and core part of what we do and it is through our volunteers that much of our work advances. We can help you and you can help us by using your experience and skills in the delivery of our activities

Volunteering is an effective use of your time and can be a good way to develop new skills or to keep on top of the ones that you have.

You can volunteer with us whether you are in employment or not, and you can know that your
efforts will be going to help meet local needs and good causes.

handsupThere are no restrictions on how much volunteering that you can do and if you are unemployed it will not affect your benefits, in fact it can increase your chances of getting back into work as it can be a good way to demonstrate to potential employers your enthusiasm and show them that you are keen to work and willing to maintain and develop your skills..

Volunteering also keeps you active and engaged, getting you out of the house and providing a sense of purpose and worth which helps build confidence through being involved in something positive and giving back to others who are in need themselves.

woman at reception deskWe are able to offer volunteering opportunities to help us in our work, we have a number of specific roles and volunteering activities as well as general roles to help with practical things such as maintaining our facilities or creating and decorating new spaces.

Volunteer Application form: click to download Volunteer Application Form, just fill in and email or post the form back to us at: info@lighthouseproject.org.uk. Please include a photograph.

Some of the things that you can do / help with:

  • Reception
  • Meet and greet
  • Support team
  • Admin / data entry
  • Coffee bar
  • General help and cleaning
  • Helping with our groups & activities, sharing your skills