Support us

You can help the work of the Lighthouse Project and Middleton Central Foodbank, or any of our other activities by supporting Inspire Middleton, and you can do this in a number of ways.

1. By regular giving and financial support – see our donation page

2. By providing skills and services to us to free

3. By donating resources and equipment, including food donations

4. By volunteering your time and skills

The majority of our work is undertaken by volunteers who give their time and experience free of charge  to the Lighthouse Project, Middleton Central Foodbank and our other activities for whole days and part-days every week.

We have identified a number of core volunteering roles that support the day-to-day work and which help us to function, these include; welcome team and coffee bar, support team, administration, reception and general maintenance and practical work.

We draw our volunteers from the visitors to the Lighthouse Project, the foodbank the general public, and local churches and we have an open and rolling recruitment policy with regards to new applications.

We acknowledge the massive contribution that volunteers provide to our work, and without them we would not be able to do the amount of activities that we are currently providing, particularly on the level of income that we currently have. We have around 30 volunteers on our books and are always looking to expand and develop this resource. Last year the contribution of their time had an equivalent value of approximately £50,000.

We have a volunteer policy in place and we actively encourage our volunteers to improve their skills and learning whilst they are with us.

As part of our commitment to volunteering we also provide voluntary work placement opportunities for people to gain experience of the workplace. Through such placements we are able to help those who have been unemployed for some time by providing up-to-date workplace experience; this can then be added to their CV’s to demonstrate to potential employers something of their commitment to get back into employment.

We have started working on a volunteer recognitions scheme which we want to put into place within the next 6 months and this is being developed accordingly. The scheme seeks to acknowledge and recognise the volunteering commitment of individuals and to record and acknowledge the contribution that people make to the organisation.

Here are some of our volunteer commendations…

“I love volunteering at the Lighthouse. It is so nice to meet so many different people from all walks of life, and I also thoroughly enjoy sharing my hobby – card making – with others.” EM


“Mildred is one of our oldest centre users and volunteers. Many people think that they are too old to start using computers, but Mildred who recently celebrated her 87th birthday bucks this trend.”


“I like volunteering at the Lighthouse, its a good way to meet new people and to help them out. It is also a great way to occupy my time, to learn new skills and  improve those that I already have.”

Some of the things you can do as a Volunteer – not a complete list…

  • Helping to run activities & services, etc, community activities
  • Cleaning up, fixing or making things, maintenance
  • Talking & Listening, making brews
  • Training and sharing skills, cooking
  • Administration, business ideas & support; local research; web site & social media
  • Publicity; Practical jobs; Fund raising
  • Collecting information, questionnaires & statistics

For more information about volunteering at the Lighthouse Project or Middleton Central Foodbank please see the relevant pages.