Middleton Contact Centre

Conact centre front elevationWhen parents divorce or separate it can often be difficult for children to keep in touch with both mum and dad, or other family members.

A child contact centre aims to provide a friendly and welcoming place to meet on ‘neutral ground’ where children can meet parents with whom they no longer live, and avoid any tensions attached to home visits. Other family members such as brothers and sisters, or grandparents may also use the Centre by agreement.

Middleton Child Contact Centre is open alternate Saturdays 9:00 – 11:00 am and visits can last the whole of that period, or just for part (subject to limitations of any Court Order, if one is in place). Please see their website for a schedule of dates to find out which Saturdays we are open.

The Lighthouse Project supports Middleton Contact Centre by offering a neutral venue to meet with potential users of the centre as part of the referral process.