Local needs

Indices of deprivation for Middleton highlight many of its social, economic, health and employment needs, on top of which many people experience multiple deprivations and disadvantages thus making the challenge of advancing in life and progressing back into work that much more complicated.

 Some of the local needs and deprivations effecting Middleton, include:

  •   High unemployment – see below
  • Š  Poor long term health and life expectancy
  • Š  Poverty and debt
  • Š  Mental health – lack of services and provision for Middleton
  • Š  Isolation and social exclusion
  • Š  Digital exclusion and lack of basic IT skills and access to the internet
  • Š  Lack of services and support
  • Š  Multiple deprivations / disadvantages and personal problems

From our discussion with Jobcentre Plus we know that they have approximately 19,000 people on their books (Sept 2011) and that worklessness in the town is around 20% compared with the national average of 13%, and that within this figure approximately 40% of the total unemployed are 16-25yr olds. Lone parent unemployment in the area is also high as families find it hard to access the training and support that they need to prepare them to get back into work due to lack of access to childcare provision.